SEO 2013 Predictions

The end of 2012 approaches, this year being the biggest year for change in SEO . With all the panda’s, penguins and whatever other silly animal Google decided to hit the SERP’s with.

It’s time to start thinking, what will Google like next year ? So we have thought long and hard and have chosen these main features to ranking sites in 2013.

Here is Soiza 2013 Predictions:

  1. Diversity
    Diversify every bit of your link portfolio from anchor texts to link types. Don’t try target one platform at a time do multiple platforms.
  2. Niche Related Comments
    Posting on sites in the same niche as yours with relevant unique hand written text. Try blogspot sites many of them have comments enabled and make it easy to leave a juicy niche relevant link.
  3. Web 2.0 Sites
    Make a bunch of web 2.0 sites with hand written content, and add a link. Now once you have made these Web 2.0′s get them ranking high! aim for top 100 positions, then you’ll have 30% or so of the top 100 sites in your niche aiming at your site, how can that not give you a massive bump up in the serps ?.
  4. HTML5
    Make your site HTML5 therefore making your site the latest and greatest quality.

There the few free tips we will be giving you, but not to worry if you want to use Soiza Studios to do all this and more then give us a call on .

Written By Mason Soiza

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